1Vest™ Kids


A child’s overall motor skills development is very important. The exercises performed should be fun and effective, while strengthening their core muscles, enhancing speed, and increasing balance. Help them gain the confidence to not only participate in sports, but to compete and play well. Promote an active lifestyle for years to come. Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist can also benefit their patients regimine by using the 1Vest.

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Product Descriptions

• Resistance or assistance can be applied at any of 18 selected rings.
• Once you clip onto the resistance bands or functional training machines to perform fun exercises.
• 1Vest fits snug to the torso with a buckle that locks firm for safety.
• 1Vest is tailored by chest width. Measure lower chest (below chest and above stomach) before selecting size.
• Download the MovementDr mobile app for the safest and most effective exercises